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"Substance and Phenomena " Philosophy of Art and Creation by Kaji Aso and Students
Mr. Kaji Aso and members of the Kaji Aso Studio raise the questions
“What is Substance?” and “What is Phenomenon?” These are edited versions of lectures and
discussions which took place at the studio during 1974 and 1975. Mr. Aso speaks first from his
essays and lectures, followed by presentations given by members of the studio and portions of
their discussions on the question of substance and phenomenon.

"Rebellion and Reason " drawn from discussions held on Thursday evenings at Kaji Aso Studio
This conversation took place at Kaji Aso Institute of the Arts, during a weekly philosophical
discussion group in 1996. The main speakers are philosopher Kaji Aso, Barry Maloney, Hiroyuki
“Dojo” Ohtani, and Tony Lima. It was transcribed and edited by Barry Maloney.

"Etching in Moonlight" Interview of Kaji Aso by East West Journal
This interview of Kaji Aso was taken by East West Journal in 1980 and represents Mr. Aso's philosophy concerning art and life

"The Dot Project" Painting, Value, and Dimension by Kaji Aso
The "Dot Project " was an exercise for teaching students the very basics of painting. It became a method for teaching painting begriming and advanced at the Kaji Aso Studio. This summery is the result of a 6 week lecture series given by Mr. Aso at the Kaji Aso Studio in 2002

"Movie and Painting " The value of painting drawn from discussions held on Thursday evenings at Kaji Aso Studio
"Painting and Movie" was a topic of Thursday night conversation held at Kaji Aso Studio every Thursday evening from 9:30 to 11 pm. The discussion focuses on the differences in painting and movie and moves towards a more complete understanding of a visual concept.

"Zen, Beginners Mind" taken from a lecture given during exhibition at South Shore Arts Complex
These transcripts are based on a lecture delivered by Kaji Aso to the Cohasset Arts complex in March of 2002.

Thursday Night Discussion Series at Kaji Aso Studio.
Ongoing discussion series focusing on art, beauty, science, and the concept center. All are welcome. Held Thursday evenings at the Kaji Aso Studio
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