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"Spring Breath" Recordings of Tosti by Kaji Aso
These recordings were made by Kaji Aso and his long time accompanist Linda Papatopoli during May 1988. These were recorded all in one session at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge MA. This album of Tosti Songs remains as a favorite of Mr. Aso's listeners and in fact of Mr. Aso himself. It is available for purchase at the Kaji Aso Studio in Boston.

"Nostalgia of Japan, Passion of Italy" Kaji Aso and Verame String Quintet
Mr. Aso recorded many of his favorite Italian and Japanese songs in the CD "Passion of Italy, Nostalgia of Japan". Recorded in Japan in 1998 along with the Verame String Quintet.
Such favorites as ""Non ti scorda di me", "O Sole Mio ", "Kojo no tsuki", and"Hama be no uta"
You may order copies of this and other CD's through the Kaji Aso Studio.

Performances in Japan -Solo Recital 1987
Mr Aso performed regularly in Japan at the Tokyo Opera City Stage. He performed every December for more than 20 years. These recordings were made during such concert given during the winter of 1987

Opera in Boston - Don Giovanni Jordan Hall 2002
Mr. Aso and the Kaji Aso Studio performed the full opera "Don Giovanni" by W. A. Mozart in 2002 at the famous Jordan Hall of Boston. Mr. Aso sang and directed this opera .

Performances in Boston "Opera Cabaret"
Mr. Aso continued his singing career throughout his life most notably in the Boston area where he performed at the Jordan Hall, the Longy school of music, and numerous concert Halls and churches. He established the Kaji Aso Petite Opera Theatre which continues performing today. His motto was "Friendly Opera"

Original Composition "Spring Voice "
Mr. Aso composed several scores during his lifetime one such score was recorded and performed at the Great Room in the State House of Boston when Mr. Aso was awarded a lifetime achievement award

Kaji Aso - Composers Prize 2007
There will be a composers competition prize of $1000 awarded to the best overall composition during the summer arts symposium held in July at the Kaji Aso Studio. The theme is "Tanabata" of the legend of celestial lovers from Japan.
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