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Kaji Aso paddling on the Tahoe River - Spain

Kaji Aso Traveled many of the Worlds Largest Rivers

Why I love River by Kaji Aso
I am often asked by people, "Why do you do river trip?" I do not have an exact answer for them. I cannot quite explain it,  because there is no particular purpose. If someone were  explaining about mountain climbing,
the goal would be to  reach to the top. If it were boxing, it would be to hit the other  person as much as one could until the other is knocked out. With river trip perhaps the purpose is to go down a river  from beginning to end without stopping. Still there are many ways to travel a river, and there is no way to say which is more perfect. In fact there is no winning or being defeated, unless you die.
River trip is not a game, even if it is a sport.
The purpose of river trip is that a person who loves river goes down the river while dipping the body into the water, and traveling down while being rocked by waves.

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